Minotaurus – Lego Board game
November 17th, 2013

I play this Lego Minotaurus board game with my mom and my younger brother. I love this game. 4 people can play this game at same time because of its four corners. Building walls to block my opponent and customizing the dice are my favourite things in this game.


The Minotaur protects a Secret Temple inside a Labyrinth. Be the first to lead your men to the Temple while avoiding the Minotaur, which can be used by players to attack their opponents and knock them out of the maze. You can cleverly place walls to block your opponents and reshape the maze during play.

Clear and simple rules make this game playable for all ages from 5-6 and up. A primarily child’s game, but also fun for adults, particularly when played with their kids. Built from LEGO, the maze can be rebuilt to your own design or enlarged if you have pieces of your own. You are also invited to try some of the alternate change rules and design your own rule variants.

With the new LEGO games you can alter the layout of the board and change or adapt the rules to your liking. The LEGO Dice can also be customized using its removable die faces.

Watch the video for more info:


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