Lego club magazine Issue 1 – 2014
December 31st, 2013

I’m the lucky one, I got my Lego club magazine 2014 issue 1 today on the last day of 2013.

So I will talk about this issue. This issue is about the Lego Movie releasing on 14th February 2014. On the first page you can see Creator Confusion 3 new cars in the Lego creator and the second page is what is the other stuff in the magazine.

Page 6 is about Chima with the new legend beasts for every animal. Page 12 is where one of our crooks is missing in Lego City and you have to find it, there also is a poster attached to the magazine which is about the Lego movie which you have to take out carefully. And page 16  is about Battle against The Nindroids!

It also have the information about the new Lego Movie Minifigures, 16 to collect. They are very cute.


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