Mango and Berry dip
January 21st, 2014

Today I will tell you how to make a mango and berry dip. I got this recipe from my Happy Meal, Tom and Jerry kitchen toys.

The things you need to make this fruity dip is:

· 150g tinned mango, drained

· 2tbsp low/sugar-free blackcurrant/mixed berry squash

· 15g (1tbsp) plain yogurt

· 4 strawberries


1. Wash your hands

2. Ask an adult to put the mango, squash and yogurt into a blender or if you have a hand – held blender, a large jug.

3. Take the green stalks off of the strawberries. If they’re quite large ask an adult to slice it in half. Put them in a blender or jug.

4. Ask an adult to blend the ingredients together

5. Pour the dip in a serving bowl and serve it with sliced strawberries, chunks of banana, slices of apple and grapes for dipping

Top Tip

Double the ingredients and then freeze overnight in a freezer-safe container. Serve the frozen dip in scoops with more chopped strawberries!

Make it and let me know how it tastes?


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