My passion – Swimming
November 28th, 2013

I have been doing swimming for about 2 years and I love it. In fact, swimming is my favourite sport.

I started swimming at the age of five in my school’s swimming pool, but I didn’t enjoy too much swimming in that pool because it was small and crowded. I changed my swimming pool in year 3 with change in my school. My new school doesn’t have swimming pool so I have to go to the swimming pool in leisure centre.

I love the swimming pool of leisure centre. It is big, neat and clean, good instructors, great system, nice changing room, and warm water.

Now about my swimming and what do I do in the pool? I do front stroke, back stroke, butterfly stroke. I’m expecting to go in stage 3 next terms in January. There also is a hat system which is for your group level and it goes like this you will get a red hat first then yellow and a blue and so on. I’m in stage 2 yellow hats and I forgot to say I’m very confident.


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  1. Wait!! I have started as well. I will catch you very soon.