Lego Chima Magazine and CD
April 16th, 2013
I am subscribed to Free Lego Magazines, which I get every quarterly. Lego Chima is January 2013 edition. I was very happy to get it, because it had a Chima sticker, a Chima CD with 2 latest episodes and a story book. Lego Legends of Chima is a Lego play theme released in 2013. It was originally believed to replace Lego Ninjago and its TV series but Ninjago was confirmed for 2014. Like its supposed predecessor, Ninjago, the theme involves a playable game, called Speedorz. About Chima: Chima is a land where anthropomorphic animals lived in peace with one another until a conflict caused a civil war with the eight animal tribes: Lion, Eagle, Raven, Wolf, Gorilla, Rhino, ...


The Croods–Guy caveman
April 16th, 2013
Went to McDonald again, this time with my daddy. Actually I tricked him into it. As usual got a happy meal for me and excited to see Guy caveman inside. Now I have 2 characters from The Croods. The Croods Cast: Nicolas Cage as Grug Crood, a caveman who is the well-meaning, overprotective but old-fashioned patriarch of the Croods family. Emma Stone as Eep Crood, a cavegirl who is Grug and Ugga’s eldest daughter and is filled with curiosity and a desire for adventure. She has a crush on Guy. Ryan Reynolds as Guy, a nomadic caveboy who is not as strong as the Croods, but prefers ...


My Lego Policeman Wrist Watch
April 16th, 2013
I love my Lego kids Policeman Wrist Watch Uk. I am mentioning UK because I saw the US one, and it is completely different from what we have in UK. This is my Christmas gift 2012. I gifted same one to my friend Aryan on his birthday which was on 25th December. He also loved it! Lego have come up with these very good watches, in different characters and designs. I liked the Policeman.


My First Day in School after Easter Holiday
April 15th, 2013
My first day in school after Easter holidays. It was like a everyday routine, I was very excited to share my holiday stories with friends and to know what they had done during holidays. The class started with Activation. We had to first activate our self. Activation is a work out which helps to keep your body fit. I may post the video some day later on, and show you how it is done in school.  The next thing was attendance. I am very punctual, and always reach class on time. If anyone comes late then they get a late card from the office, and our parent gets text messages on their mobile. After activation, we had to do guided reading. The class is divided ...


Lego minifigure collection
April 10th, 2013
I want to share my minifigure collection with all of you. I have collected all these over the years and trust me it is very hard work. I don’t have each and every minifigure from the series but whatever I have, I am sharing it with everybody. I am showing from series 5,7,8 and 9. Each packet contain only 1 minifigure and the packet cost £1.99, which is lot of money according to my mom. I wanted  to collect the Olympic series but could not at that time. But now I am looking to buy some from ebay, of course not paying so much for it. Hopefully I will get some from Olympic series to my collection. .


The Croods in MacDonald’s
April 5th, 2013
I went to McDonald after a very long time with my mom and younger brother. As usual got a happy meal for us and we were very excited to see what toy we get. The toy we got was Grug Crood the caveman! Both me my brother got the same thing, which made me little sad. As I thought we will get different toys for collection. I like the toy very much as it was very tricky to build and quiet interesting to play with. I have not seen the movie but my friends say it is good. May be I’ll try watch it later, when my parents decides. I have made a video of the toy I got from MacDonald’s ...


Dinner at Alberta’s
March 9th, 2013
This is my homework in literacy. I was given a story page to convert into a play script. Basically it was like writing a film script. I felt like a film story writer. Its a story about a crocodile named Arthur who doesn't have dinner table manners. Cast : Arthur, Emma, Mrs Crocodile, Mr Crocodile Scene : Ms Crocodile house (At the dinner table) (Said in disgrace) Mrs Crocodile: Arthur, you are eating like a regular beast. (In disgust) Emma : He won’t close his mouth when he chews and I have to sit next to him so I have a good view of everything. Arthur : Whuzzzzhuh maher? ...


A letter to best Friend
December 5th, 2012
Homework – To write a letter to your friend. Here’s my letter to my best friend Aryan! Dear Aryan, How was your holidays? My holiday wasn’t great. It was raining so I decided to do my home-work. I completed my home-work and then I remembered that our teacher had asked the whole class to learn the time-table of 3. I got my time-table book and read it few times. I went to my aunt’s place on Saturday to attend a family function. We had a lot of fun, and played with their pet dog Kaju. My grandparents were staying with us from last six months. On the last day on our half-term holiday they had to go back to ...


Lego mini figures series 6 in January 2012
December 3rd, 2011
Just saw on that mini figures series 6 8827 will be in stores in January 2012. Series 6 also have 16 different characters to collect. Each unique and colourful character comes with special accessories, a display stand and a collector's leaflet, and is packed inside a sealed "mystery" bag, white in colour this time. Series 6 characters: Classic Alien with ray gun. Bandit with a bandana and a pistol Butcher with steak and cleaver. Female Surgeon with syringe and an X-ray Genie with a magic lamp. Flamenco Dancer ...


Lego mini-figures series 5
November 26th, 2011
I love Lego and specially the mini figures. I am working hard to collect my 16 Lego mini-figures from series 5. Its not easy to collect all 16 as they come packed in a sealed packet and chances are more of getting same figure again and again. But i am very clever, whenever i get same figure i sell it on Ebay and make some money out of it. it cost £1.99 each packet, so they are not cheap. It’s a very hard job to convince parents to buy them. probably that’s why its been 3 months now and i am still collecting them. So far i have managed to collect 4 of 16. And sold 3 duplicate on Ebay! I have: Graduate, Cave ...



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