First day of school in 2010
January 4th, 2010
After a long Christmas and New year holiday I was back to school, same old daily routine.  It is freezing outside, –4 C. Everything outside is covered with layer of ice, and the worst thing is that it will stay like this whole week. Going school after 2 weeks was good and exciting. I did bit of craft and drawing. Teacher also took us outside to playground in freezing cold.  I was upset as well because my best friend was not playing with me. Came back home at around four o’clock, finished my food and then sat with my mum and gave my views on how my website should look. The spongebob picture in banner is my idea. After a long ...


Christmas Hat
December 14th, 2009
With the help of my teacher I made this hat in the school, its called Christmas hat! This was our craft work today. Teacher also asked all the kids to make a Christmas wish list to Santa, I have asked for a Skate Board. Let’s see if I get it?


Got Chickenpox
December 5th, 2009
From last few days I am at home suffering from chickenpox, got it from school. Mummy is saying it’s good that I got it during winter or it would have been very bad, itching and all you know! Thank god it’s not much, just few countable spots. But I have to be at home for 2 weeks as per doctor and school’s instructions or I might pass it on to my friends. Mom wanted to take my picture in chickenpox but dad said “No”.



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